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Monday, November 19, 2012

Love the way you shop online with GCASH AMEX Virtual Card

 Say hello to the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.
Find the best Black Friday deals online and shop with 

“You can’t shop online, say in Amazon.com, if you don’t have a credit card and even if you do have one, you have to figure out for yourself how to get the goods delivered to the Philippines, since most US online sites only deliver within the US.  With the GCASH American Express Virtual Card, you simply need your GCASH wallet to pay for your purchases.  We provide you with a personalized US address where your goods can be delivered and from there, you can have them shipped to the Philippines right to your doorstep at very low shipping rates” said Paolo Baltao, President of GXI.

To learn more about Globe GCASH AMEX Virtual Card, Watch this video 

Now you know all about GCASH AMEX, It's time to get one now!
apply now, Click http://gcash.globe.com.ph/
 Now you can shop online without a credit card. 
Shop for an apparel, shop the newest  songs in ITUNES, or even shop the latest gadgets online. :)
This is very convenient specially for those teenagers who loves to shop online. GCASH AMEX gives us the privilege for an easier way to shop online. 
Well, Thanks to Globe for this. Because I love checking out stuffs online and I can't buy everything because im just using my parents' credit card. Now with Globe's Gcash AMEX Virtual Card, i can now buy the things i want 24/7.
I'll start to shop on Black Friday (November 23 2012)
it's a good time to start shopping online. Get the biggest discounts online and save up to millions. :)
Love the way you shop online with GCASH American Express® Virtual Card 
To find out more about the GCASH American Express Virtual Card, just visit 

Check out Some partners of GLOBE GCASH AMEX virtual card.

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