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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Style Division Movie Ticket Giveaway (CLOSED)

3 winners will get a Chance to win 2 free tickets for 
the BLOCK SCREENING of Breaking Dawn Part 2.
and watch with some of your favorite fashion bloggers.

This event will be happening on Sunday (November,18,2012)
Im a fan of The Twilight Saga and im so excited to watch the Breaking Dawn Part II.
I've watched the trailer already and to tell you I can't be more excited! 
I cant wait to see Bella in her vampire get up and specially can't wait to see their Daughter, Renesmee.
If you haven't seen the trailer, watch it here. :)

This is the Official Poster of Breaking Dawn Part 2.
I know you guys are excited as well.
3 winners will get a Chance to win 2 free tickets for the
BLOCK SCREENING of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

And have a reason to take someone out on a date. LOL

all you have to do is:
1. Follow me on Twitter: @mikylequizon
and also follow@lolita_ph

2. Complete the sentence, "I want to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 with @ ____"

3. Tweet me your Answer and mention the person you wanna bring! Don't forget to tag along @lolita_ph

Ex:"@mikylequizon @lolita_ph, I want to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 with @mikylequizon."

4.Winners will be announced on my twitter (@mikylequizon) this Saturday.
(November, 17, 2012)

4. Get the chance to meet my favorite bloggers in person like
Dani Barretto, Aisa Ipac, Ana Gonzales, Kelly Medina, 
Paul Chuapoco, Verniece and Vernica Enciso
And Watch the movie with us!!!

10 reasons to join this Movie Giveaway:
1. tweet your special someone, maybe she/he'd be happy to watch the last sequel of twilight saga with you. Sweet yun. 
2. Now's your Chance to ask someone out specially kung nahihiya ka. 
3. You'll be able to save money from this. Libre eh, you just have to join. :))
4. V.I.P. dating mo dito, Block Screening to eh. :))
5. You'll be able to watch the movie with us. 
6. Mall Of Asia. Date Place. romantic and intimate yung vibe. oh diba?
7. Sunday to eh. so most likely walang traffic. Suave.
8. This will be a memorable experience.
9. You can make this a birthday gift or a treat to your special friend. :)
10. Big Effort to, specially for your date.

Also, PBB teen winner Mrtyle Sarrosa will be there to watch with us.
Meet and Greet Mrtyle Sarrosa just by Liking Lolita's Page
CLICK HERE (LolitaPhilippines)

Join now and see you there!


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  2. Crossed-Fingers! Thanks for this contest. God Bless.

  3. Hoping to be picked! Me and my brother would love to watch with the philippines' top fashion bloggers! thanks for this!

  4. done. hope to win. pra advnce monthsary gift ko sa gf ko.. and it will be a perfect gift! thnks :)

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  6. I always wanted to know what it feels like to be around celebrities..goosebumps in a good way :)

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