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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Supra Footwear: Supra Team on Philippines

Meet The Supra Team

Erik Ellington – A pioneer street skateboarder known as the “Mule Man” who co-founded Baker distribution and Deathwish Skateboards

Stevie Williams – Reinvented modern street skateboarding and was the first Reebok Skateboarder. Founded urban streetwear brand DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids)

Neen Williams – Nicknamed “Gnarly” for his world-renowned heel flips and steez

Keelan Dadd – Often chooses to do tricks the hard way, through switch and clean executions

Boo Johnson – Technical skater famous for landing never-before seen tricks like the “Frontside 360 Pop Shuvit”

Kevin Romar – Had a stellar part in Blind’s “This Is Not A Test” and a handful of Berrics pieces including a “Process,” and “Trickipedia”

Bjorn Johnston – The first Kiwi to join the team and one of the shakers that put Aussie skating on the map

Spencer Hamilton – A former skateshop salesman who is now leading the way for Canadian Skateboarding 

Meet them here in Manila on November, 11, 2012.
at Stoked & Shoe Salon
Centris Mall Center Of Gravity


  1. hey! i really like your blog! really nice fresh and awesome!! your lookbook posts are the best!


  2. Are they sellin the new supra shoes for women? I badly want the grey and magenta. They were released in the US. I just saw it on their official twitter...