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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life before I Blogged. (Late Bloomer)


Before I went into Fashion Blogging, I first started out as a young kid in lookbook.
I was invited by my friend Vince Chrisostomo who's now (I think) the stylist of LEE. 
I had fun posting my looks in lookbook because on my first look, on the day itself I gained 30 fans. :) 
i continued posting more and more looks until i met my bud Miko Carreon, he was my all time partner on doing and taking outfit shots. :)

Life after lookbook: i got tired and tired and tired posting new looks because it was somehow hard to take shots, specially when you're looking for a perfect spot that would match your outfit. :) so I became inconsistent. :) I stopped for a while and there, i got a chance to be a part of Garage Magazine, December 2011 issue. 

After that, I became an influencer of OXYGEN CLOTHING. :)
But im not yet a blogger back then. 

before my birthday, i saw Dani Barretto. :) 
She was a blogger, a newbie. She forced me to do blogging, but then i refused.
she tried to convince me from time to time but still, i refused.

Finally, I decided to try blogging. i started making logos a week after my birthday. 
it was a goodthing that i wasn't a newbie to photoshop so i really didnt get a hard time making images, but then i had a hard time thinking about what to name my blog. :)

"TREND KILLER" was the first name of my blog but then really, it was corny. :))
I hooked up words online that i think would help but none of those words helped. even quotes. :))
after days of thinking, i finally came up with Division, then I tried "STYLE DIVISION" it actually works. but i want it longer, so i tried "STYLE ON DIVISION" it was awkward for me because i seriously dont get the point of my title. 

Finally, i ended up with STYLE DIVISION,
I though this Blog wouldn't be successful, but this girl Dani Barretto, proved me wrong.
she was right, Patience is a virtue. :)

After months of sharing and putting my ideas about fashion on my blog, 
I was happy that it was somehow recognized by some. :)
I was happy to become a part of some events, like SM Fashion, supra, puma, pink parlour, bratpack, shulong and many more.

I love the feeling when you know that you have readers who supports you.
Also the feeling when you know that you inspire them or even motivate them.
Im just happy that I get to motivate some people to dress up well. 


These are the bloggers who inspired me and helped me along the way. :)

"Youre right, blogging is fun. thank you for pushing me into this"
Best Couple Ever

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  1. Thanks dude! Super appreciate this! Galing ng ginawa mo sa blog logo, "solid"! Haha!