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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bright Movements : Pre-Valentine's Day Outfit Post

Who's excited for Valentine's Day? 
I am. :) 

Button Down Short Sleeves, ZARA 
Blue Trousers, ZARA
Black Boots, ZARA
Aviator, Ray Ban
Watch, Liberato (From Hong Kong)

What are your plans for Valentines? A date with your Girl? Sister? Mom? A friend? Whoever that is Valentine's is all about giving love. :)
This look talks about looking fresh, clean, & simple when you're gonna be out on a date.

1. On my list, Wearing White is about looking clean and fresh. I prefer white as my choice of color.
2. On a date, It's required for you to wear something with collar. Long sleeves or short sleeves would do. you should Dress in a manner that she would understand.
3. Looking simple on a date would make her feel comfortable, im sure you don't want to dress up like it's fashion week when you go out on a date. 
4. The way you dress up defines how you should be treated. Also, I think what you wear defines who you are.
5. Dressing up on a special event would make you feel good. it'll boost your confidence to another level, so you really have to go big. :)
6. Impress your date with your look. Fix your hair, and wear something that would open your style on a whole new level.
7. Wear a watch that would fit your look. When it's about going formal, go with leather strap watches. :)
8. The color of your belt should always go with the color of your shoes. Also with the strap of your watch. :) 
9. Be sure to smell Good, wear perfume that would suit your personality. I recommend Ralph Lauren for men or go with Dolce Gabbana for men. :)
Dont forget to shave your beards. :) Clean look gives the best impression.
9. Running out of things to do on a date will always be awkward, specially when it's a first date. So make sure to make a date itinerary. Mine goes with
#1 Meet and greet
#2 Lunch out or Dinner
#3 Movie 
#4 Bring her to a lounge to drink. Don't drink as if your trying to get thing (LOCALE, City Golf, Pasig is a must visit)
#5 Bring her home and set your 2nd date with her. :)
10. Style Division, Make it a habit. :)

This is my date look. Your style makes an impression. Dress up with class and show manners. 

 Be simple. :D

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