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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Talk about blogging :)

This is my 1st talk about blogging and styling and it's a good thing that I was with my girlfriend and friends. LOLLER to me. :)
Well, the talk wasn't bad after all, it feels awesome to share things to people who listens and who's interested about blogging and fashion. We also gave tips to the students who wants to make a blog. :)
to start of with my story, our powerpoint looked like SHI* compared to Gerd, Miko, and Christine's :)) i dont know how to make a cool powerpoint but im really gonna do better next time. LOLLER
our talk in that Leap Business Class was about "blogging as a business" and we shared about some companies getting bloggers to promote them, because like what Dani said, nowadays, everyone's hooked with internet nowadays, like twitter, Facebook, Blogs, or so whatever. and it is true that internet or web browsing can really make a stand on the social media. :) nowadays, all we do is watch tv and surf the net and for me, Internet can be a big promotion for every companies, specially when they know that you have a market on the industry. :) and that's why it's not easy to be a blogger. you have to make decisions that will make your blog better. 

We talked about:
Being unique, 
Setting your own trend and style.
Being humble.
Making new friends is what we love in blogging.
Making a name for yourself.
Perks of being a blogger.

Here are some Grabbed Photos :)

Thank you DLSU - LEAP for having us. :)

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