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Monday, May 20, 2013

LEVELS : AVICII Outfit post

I got this haircut the day before AVICII at Ménage salon Trinoma. :)
And I think its awesome. :) LOL 

Top, Topman
Trousers, ZARA
Boots, ZARA
Scarf, ----
Bag, Herschel Supply
Socks, Topman
Sunnies, RAYBAN
Watch, Y.O.T.

What I wore for Avicii's concert was more of a comfortable vibe rather than being hip. :)
I wore something that would match the event. Since the Event was a big concert, i tried to be simple as possible. Shirt, trousers, boots. These are my top pick when it comes to style & comfort. :) and since it was simple, I accessorized my outfit with a red scarf that was hanging in my belt to make it look cool.
The pictures are all in black and white :) The quality of the photos were not nice like the one we get during the day but its okay because all the colors you'll see in my outfit is Black, White, and red. :)
Going to Avicii's concert was one of he best things that i've experienced my whole life, Thanks to Rayban! :)

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