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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My sister's first birthday

This is my sister's party and I blogged it because this is her first birthday. LOL
Photos are from Nice Prints. :) it's all good. so i just selected few that i can blog so i hope you guys enjoy this post. :) 

Venue : Magnolia Place
Photographer : Nice Prints

 This is her first studio pictorial and we actually didn't know how she pulled this off. :))
 We got there on time. meet my date. :D
 She looks at me like this when im not looking at her. Sweet. LOL
 while waiting for the programs to start. :)
 I was on the phase of "I'll eat everything". The food was good. :) Thumbs up mom!
 My lolo's enjoying the party. It's good seeing him smile like this. :)
 Group shot. Awesome.
 This is Baujet. My bud/brother.
Beside Dani is Kriecia. My Bestfriend/Sister. :)

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