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Sunday, May 5, 2013

MYOH 2013

This event was totally cute and amazing! :) I had fun choosing colors for my havaianas! :))
It was a really cool experience for me because after this event, I totally loved using flip flops, even when i go to the grocery and stuff. :) its really comfortable. Im actually planning to get one again. :) i hope you have fun looking at the pictures! :)
Thank you Havaianas for posting 2 pictures of me and Dani on instagram with a very cute caption!
Follow them on Instagram : @havaianasphils and Twitter : @havaianasphils!

This is so cool, havaianas everywhere i look. :))

I love the hosts! they were really friendly! also, while checking out the place, we saw DJ Callum David. He's amazing.
After we got our pairs of havaianas! This event is full of colors! :))

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