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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shoe Tale

I am a shoe addict. I love collecting shoes that looks vintage and unique, maybe because with my style, I can use them in casual and formal events. I love all my shoes, but i have my favorites, and that's what im going to show you guys. My top five favorite shoes. :)

For me, shoes are very important. It's the shoes that makes the outfit more interesting and eye catching. 
That's why I choose the shoes with a normal price and excellent quality. :)
 I got this pair from Milanos (SM dept. store)
It looks like cole haan. it's suede and super light when you wear it. you should check this out. I only got it for a very cheap price! :)
 This boots from ZARA
This boots is my favorite. it matches everything I wear. if you'll notice, i love wearing black shoes. :)
it's classy & also rebellious. Lol
 I got this Monk Strap derbys from ZARA
The texture and color is very plain. Suits my style. Very well. :)
it's perfect when i wear shorts but then it's hard to use if it's raining. 
 This is a Classic Bally loafers.
My lolo gave me these. :) I love walking with this. Walking with style. though, i have to maintain it very well. 

This is a Wingtip Brogues from TOPMAN
I usually wear brogue and derby shoes on formal events. I love looking like an old sport on events evn if im not required to. :))

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  1. I’ve noticed that those boots are one of your fashion identifiers. It makes you look tough and stylish too. :):)