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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Magosaburo : Restaurant

 Food Diary : MAGOSABURO
Everything here is good. Specially the wagyu.
You'll find Magosaburo in Fort Strip, Fort Boni. Beside URBN.
 All i can say is that this restaurant has the best melting wagyu.
Check out the photos! To know more about them, follow them on Instagram! :)

If youre on a budget, they have ala carte meals that you willenjoy through out the night. 
Or if you're planning to celebrate, they have a full course meal that goes with 9 dishes. And to be honest this is the best. From shrimp to wagyu to their desert. Everything's just so good. 
Thats why on our anniversary, im planning to go back here and celebrate with my love love.
Going back, Magusaburo is known for their unqique wagyu experience. 
The wagyu melts in your tounge, really. Eat it with their top selling Wine or Champaign.
Sometimes, it's good to experience and try out these kinds of 5 star restaurants. One night wont kill you. I recommend this to those who loves to eat and spend for foods, this one will be a really great experiece. Specially when you see them cook the food. Volcanic rock plates should do it. :) 

Enjoy! Have a good day everyone!

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