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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Plain and simple. I wore this when we went to greenbelt to watch a movie. And since it was raining, i wore something that would warm me up. Good choice. :) 

Jacket, FOREVER 21
Tuxedo Shirt, TOPMAN LTD
Denim, ZARA
Boots, ZARA
Cap, Brixton
Eyewear, RAYBAN
Watch, SuperDry

Wearing a cap on a regular basis gives me less hassle, no need to put wax in my hair. 
Leather vest makes my outfit more stylish because it makes it more look sleek.
Since im wearing all black, i hust had to stick to my black boots since i dont want any hassle for my other shoes, :) when its raining I really use boots. :) 

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  1. Love the simplicity of your outfit! See you soon Kyle. :)