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Sunday, August 25, 2013


This is what I wore going to our shoot with UP ECOSOC.
Since it was raining, I wore my favorite bomber jacket from Forever 21. Enjoy my post! :)

Details :
Jacket, Forever 21
Customized T-Shirt, Online store. Check it out on my IG @mikylequizon
Jeans, ZARA
Boots, ZARA
Cap, Brixton (available in SNEEK PEEK, Shangrila Mall EAST WING)
Eyewear, RAYBAN

 I love it when it rains. It fits my style! :)
 This is what it looks like without the jacket. Nice shirt right? Dani wears the Style Division Shirt. :)
 Candid Shot. Awesome PATRICK SISON.
 This cap fits this outfit very well! get yours now! Brixton!

This is the most essential part of my outfit, actually every outfit. :)
Always wear a watch. We need time in our life. get yours in SUPERDRY

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