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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bright Lights

From being unbuttoned to buttoned.
This is how I created my look from Cinderella for men.
This is Part 2 of my Cinderella Special, also this is to show you guys how Cinderella for men changed my view about styling. Being stylish is can be done with the most simplest ways, Like my look here. 
This is what I wore for a party & event.  
You find it nice? What's cool about this look is that you don't have to stress out about putting or adding more pieces of clothing. you just have to style and carry it depending on what kind of style you want it to be.

Denim longsleeves with fabric patch combination on collar (PIERRE CARDIN) 
White v-neck modern fit shirt (HANFORD)
 Stretch slimfit pants with checkered combination, (PIERRE CARDIN)
 Marden Grove, slim lightweight sole shoes, CLARKS (@clarksph)

 What I like about this outfit is that it represents my style and how I carry my clothes. Cinderella For Men gave me an opportunity to know my style better.

REMEMBER:  "It's not how you wear your clothes, It's how you bring them. it's how you carry them..." 
Be confident and stand out. this is the key to pull off your style.

 For me, Good shoes with a good watch makes a statement. If not, Focus on looking neat and appealing. make yourself comfortable in every outfits! I might not be colorful but with Cinderella's help, things changed. and it's a good change. :)

Experiment with your style. dress up weird. be weird! I am weird and this is how I learned my style. :)
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