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Thursday, September 26, 2013


This is what i will wear for a concert that i will go to on october. 
Have you heard about tiesto? Im giving away tickets for this concert! Make sure you join! 
Anyways, i love this look. This look is simple but the most stylish of all the outfits i have worn.

On this post, i will not give advices on how and what to wear or whatever.
This is the main event for tomorrow's Fashion Talk. 
Thats why i want you guys to watch my talk tomorrow.
Ill be giving advices on how and what to wear on certain occassions. 

White Tee shirt, Hanford
Trousers with pocket stiching, PIERRE CARDIN

Boots, ZARA
Leather Jacket, Forever 21

Gold Aviators, RAYBAN
Stroller, CARIBEE

HEIMA, brixton pasig

I love this hanford t shirt. If youll ask me about the quality, i'd definitely say this one is a must have.

The trousers with the aztec print is from pierre cardin. It has a unique aztec texture that would make you stand out.

This bag is not just a stroller, you can also use this as a back pack. But only with wheels. I love how this bag is made, it has pockets and secret pockets! :)

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