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Thursday, October 3, 2013

My talk for Cinderella For Men

Seeing myself in a poster for a prestigious brand is definitely a dream come true.
Starting out was hard for me. I didn't know what I was doing at first. Basically, I was negative. But someone taught me that negativity will bring me no where, and that's where my success started. Thank you, love for inspiring me to be the persom that i am doing today. Right now, i will share you guys my insights about being positive. First, positivity gives you the aura that makes things lighter and better. Thats something i never had before. Without positivity, success is nothing. Because I changed my outlook in life, I became the face of #CinderellaForMen.  Dream big. This is what happened to me, i never thought that people would appreciate my sense of style. :) anyways, to cut things short. This is the fashion talk i had with my love, Dani Barretto for Cinderella For Men.
To all who attended, i love you and thank you. :)

Thank you to Clarks for the shoes.
Thank you Pierre Cardin for the clothes.
And to all the sponsors of this campaign. :)

Get the clothes that i am wearing in all cinderella outlets.   

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