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Monday, November 24, 2014


This is my second post for #StyleDivisionDaily!
Style Division Daily, focuses on the things I wear everyday.
I will be giving you my thoughts about my chosen product if you should buy it or not! More like a product review. Still, the last decision is with you if you want it or not.

For today, I will be featuring my RAEN (rain) Sunglasses.
This model is called Vista. I got the color black because I want my glasses to look simple so I can wear it with any outfit. The material used for this is outstanding, light-weight and has the Carl Zeiss Lens. to be honest, with it's light-weight material, I am scared to put it in my pocket or whatever. but when we watched a movie, I forgot that it was in my back pocket, so when I stood up, freaking out, I got the sunglasses and nothing happened to it. And thats where I realized that has Quality Materials. It's handmade! :) This is perfect for those who wear vans and for those who are a fan of Chvrches.
I got it for 7k+ (php). Visit Grnd (Solenad 2, Nuvali Sta.Rosa) or Bratpack Stores and check out other design by RAEN. I suggest you get this basic Vista. P.S. I wear it everyday because it's not too dark! :)

But ofcourse, it's still up to you if you'll get it. Opinion Matters.
What item do you want to be featured? Hit me up! mikylequizon@gmail.com
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Thank you for supporting #StyleDivision2014
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