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Monday, November 24, 2014

She is my October.

On the first week of October, I've been busy planning my surprise for Dani. And It's hard because I'm not good with hiding things from her. Haha I thought of so many sweet things like candlelit dinner, bring her to Tagaytay and spend a day there, or maybe take her to a good restaurant, etc etc. And then I came up with an idea, what if I bring her to tagaytay and maybe a candlelit dinner? But where in tagaytay can I pick a perfect place to set the candlelit dinner? After checking some photos of "candlelit dinner set up" online, I found a picture that reminded me of a place that we featured last year for MadTV. The View Park Hotel. The place is romantic, ideal for a sweet birthday surprise and many more. The place was filled with trees, grass and so many decorations that would make every surprises even sweeter.

Phase 1: planning the surprise.
I contacted The View Park Hotel and told them about my plans, they suggested some locations in their area that would be perfect for the surprise. The first option was this. They'll set up the table in the middle and candles on the floor and petals. The second option was the balcony area, it will make the scene much sweeter. So I wanted to see the area, but since I had a busy schedule, I couldn't check the area. Good thing, The View Park Hotel gave me an angel to help me with the whole surprise, her name is Berna Barientos. She was the one who sent me photos of the area, and revised some of my plans, and she did all the set up and planning. In short, she was the director.

Phase 2: hiding the surprise.
Weeks before the surprise I started asking our friends for help or just give me ideas. So I emailed them, but it was hard because I'm not always online, and then I called but it's expensive to call, so I texted them, and it was easier, but the only problem I have is what if dani checks my phone? All my plans will be put to waste. So I guarded my phone 24/7. And then she noticed that I'm hiding something, because I kept on texting, which I don't normally do. And when she try to check my phone, I get mad. It was really hard because she can read my emotions, she knows when I'm lying.

Phase 3: The final plan.
She doesn't know that we will go to Tagaytay. We will go straight to The View Park hotel, candlelit dinner, and then her closest friend will surprise her after. And then make her watch a video greeting of the most important people in her life. So in order to complete the video, I contacted her Tita's & Tito's, cousins,  family friends, best friends! It took me weeks to complete the video part and thanks to the help if my friend Izza Enriquez for helping me edit the videos! :)

Phase 4: The Set Up / Dry Run
I wanted the place to be filled with candles. So even if it was a hassle for View park because the Balcony area's windy, they tried there best to still push through with the plan.
So it did happen.

Phase 5: The Special Day
So I pretended nothing special was going to happen, she only knows about the FAKE dinner reservation in Alabang that I lied about,(sorry bubbie) :)) since she had school, I was out calling everyone and making sure about the plan, because I wanted the flow to be perfect since it's my first time to do this. :) after her class around 2:40pm, I picked her up and then passed by skyway going to SLEX (south Luzon Express Way) and then she asked where we were going, so I told her, "Alabang, babe." (But I took a U-turn going to SLEX on the way to STA. Rosa. Haha) It's hard to lie to Dani because she knows me well, she knows when I'm mad, happy, sad, or whatever. Even when I lie. So going back to the story, she already had a hint that we are going to tagaytay, and I told her that I made a reservations somewhere in tagaytay, so that she'd stop asking. But we got there around 330, there was no traffic and it was a problem because I planned a sunset dinner (around 5pm-530pm) so I went around nuvali, then she said "stop stalling mikyle, you're driving so slow and pretending you don't know where you're going." I laughed so hard because it's so cute how she figured things out. So we went straight na to tagaytay, I made her wear a blindfold, then we got there. Everything's perfect, I already got my gifts that I will give her, and they played the music (Thanks to JBL for providing the audio Set up) I saw the candlelit getting brighter, and then she took out the blindfold, I was going to say something but my voice cracked. I was speechless, because in that moment I realized that she is the woman who I want to spend the rest of my life with. And that clearly made our night more special. I was looking at the woman who entirely changed me to become better, who made me believe in myself.

Phase 6: Dinner Date.
So the View Park Hotel arranged the Menu for us, the food that was served were fantastic. And it made us even more happy because we are food lovers, we eat basically everything that's why I'm glad that View Park made us try their specialty. I'm glad that I chose Moët and Chandon to be our drink for the evening. Thank you Chef. Vic. :)

Phase 7: Special surprise.
I brought her to the lounge area after dinner, I wanted her to watch a special video from her friends and family that she doesn't know about. So I made her watch it.

She cried, asking me how I did the video. And it made me emotional too, because we did a great job with her birthday surprise.

Phase 8: the talk.
After the video we spent hours of just talking to each other at the balcony area, talking about everything we've been through as a couple. And to me, that's the sweetest. Our relationship will never be perfect, but as long as I have her, I am confident that we will get through everything. I never was a tumblr guy, but doing this for her have me a reason to be the happiest boyfriend alive. There's nothing else that I want but her. Without God's help, I know that this wouldn't be possible.

Even if it's not my birthday, I know I will remember this, specially the smile that she gave me saying I love you. I love you Bubbie.

Thank you View Park Hotel for helping me arrange this surprise, specially to Berna Barrientos for being patient with me and giving me ideas :)) and to the General Managers who approved the ideas I gave, thank you Sir Rico and Ma'am Joy :)
And to everyone who helped out.

Kobe, Mitch, Arvie, Chef Vic and everyone else. Much love for View Park Hotel. Can't wait to go back. Follow them on Instagram @viewparkhotel

Also, I would like to Thank Hyundai sending us a bottle of wine and cheese 👍 specially for the Tuscon. :) Thank you Sir. Paeng and Steph!

I would also like to Thank my JBL family for the audio. :) Thank you Kristel :)

There's nothing else that I want to say because I did a great job making my girl happy! 😊

A big shout out to Patrick Sison, Alejandro Taag, Izza Enriquez, & Ian Liberato for going to Tagaytay just to take photos. I love you guys!

Thank you for always supporting #StyleDivision2014

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