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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

JackPurcell Lookbook BTS

To be a part of the Converse family is a blessing. I met people who became close to me, I have worked with such talented people, and most of I had a great time working with my blogger friends! 
So I am sending this love post to my Converse family! 
#JackPurcell #Converse #SDConverse

Last week I had a shoot with Converse for the Jack Purcell Collection, I styled 4 outfits that was perfect not only for the shoes, but for the location as well. My first choice was what they picked, I wore my Jack Purcell with an all-back outfit. It was perfect. We were having a hard time shooting the shoes, so I suggested a corner where it had a different set of vibe, "Hunger Games set" is what I call that corner. 

After the shoot, Ms.Julienne from the Converse Team interviewed me. She asked me questions that made me reminisce about the good times I had with my Grandfather from the past. I had my first pair of Converse sneakers when I was 12. It was a hand me down from my pop. 

We shot at Unit 27 located at Fort, Bonifacio. It's definitely a new place for me to hang out and chill. What I like about the place is the way they designed it, it is a place full of art. If you'll check out the pictures you will see a ceiling full of gold Jack Purcell shoes. It's not open yet but will let you know once it's open. So follow me on Instagram & Twitter @mikylequizon for updates! 

I am really excited for the Lookbook. It's a new me. It's a new Style Division.

BTS photos from Gerd Perez.
Random Shots from Mikyle Quizon.
Thank you for always supporting #StyleDivision2015

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