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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Trendsetters Bazaar

Did you miss this month's Trendsetters Bazaar? Don't worry because they will be having another bazaar next month May 15-17! #Trendsetters Bazaar.

So I visited the Trendsetters Bazaar with my grandmother, and to tell you, we both really enjoyed. I enjoyed going around and she enjoyed shopping, I was able to buy some pieces that i'll be using for my summer vacation. So for those who doesn't know what Trendsetters Bazaar is, read more and trust me, you'll want to come next time. :)

What you'll see in this bazaar is the booths not only for women but also for men. From my observation 70% of the booths are for women and the 30% are for men. It was my first time to shop at trendsetters bazaar and I thought the booths are only for women but I was wrong. So for all the boyfriends out there, you'll enjoy too! I attended the last day of the event, It was a Sunday so it wasn't that traffic, the venue was in world trade center. Perfect location for a bazaar. When we went inside, I love how organized the event is, it wasn't hard to find the booths that I am looking for. If it's going to be your first time to visit a bazaar, I recommend you visit Trendsetters Bazaar! :)

Check out these awesome booths I found when I was going around, You can also follow them on Instagram.


I got a leather Tote Bag from Cordes and Tots. Trust me it's a good buy! 

I was able to score some twill (Chinos) Shorts from @Outbreak_boulevard. I recommend slim guys like me to buy shorts from them because the fit is skinny and will make your legs look bigger. and of course, make you look taller! :)

I dropped by Verus to get my new red hot IPhone6 case for the summer. Red makes my phone sexy. Follow them on Instagram @Globalgears

Found some awesome printed shirts that is perfect for the summer!

If you need boat shoes, this store is a must. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my post!
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