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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Because it is summer in the Philippines, the weather seems hotter than ever! We all want to refresh ourselves from the scourging heat of the sun by going out for a swim, staying in air-conditioned malls, eating Halo-halo, and even standing in front of the refrigerator longer than we used to! 

Undoubtedly, summer brings intense heat, which drives us to seek for comfort. At the perfect time and place, Esprit opens its newest concept store at Glorietta 3 to provide us with fashion essentials to help us get the comfy and laid-back California look.

Not only will you find shift dresses, airy peasant blouses, rompers, distressed jeans, and other casual outfits that fall under California style, you will also see a brand new interior design to the store which embody the exact same values of the Golden State: fresh, casual, and laid-back. With the use of light colors, natural and raw materials such as concrete, oak and brick, the design elements compliment the natural look of Esprit’s California fashion. The new look of Esprit is truly inviting and refreshing!

Among the many ways we could possibly cool ourselves from the summer heat, looking fresh is always the best way to go! Thanks to Esprit, we could do just that! Now we could stay fresh all day, everyday even under the sun!

Lower level is the Men's Apparel.

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