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Monday, December 10, 2012

Bratpack Addiction.

Nowadays, bags seems to be hip. Making outfits look better, making simple things more accessorized. Im addicted to bags specially when it's hex or herschel. I've first seen Herschel on Bratpack, next thing I know, it became hip and trendy specially to teens. That's where i planned to buy it myself too. Backpacks to be exact. I've been saving to buy my own HERSCHEL since the first time i saw it but since it wasn't that cheap I waited for the sale. :)
but now, I've got no problem since Bratpack was kind enough to give me my request. 
Thank you for this Herschel Supply Little America Bag.
(5,499.00php @ Bratpack stores)
This bag is the best. FASHION + COMFORT = GOOD QUALITY.
it fits my personality, it fits my style and my taste when it comes to style.
I recommend this bag because it's very soft and clean looking. :) I got this black with brown
stripes, because i like everything neutral. :) not that flashy but classy and stylish. :)
Herschel Supply Little America Denim Bag
(7,490.00php @ bratpack stores)

Check out BOXFRESH. :) perfect gifts for christmas. :)

INCASE brings you this Ultimate Awesome Print. :)
this print reminds me of OBEY clothing. 
Incase is another bag that brings and gives you style with comfort.

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