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Monday, December 10, 2012

Social Airbourne

 Im still not over our EK trip. It was super fun. Specially that I was with my Blogging Family. 
Kelly Medina, Dani Barretto & I, danced Downy's Rubadubango 
and I taught them how to do the Right Oppa Gangnam Style. (in public) HAHA
since the lines were to long. actually O.A. we decided to shoot our outfits first.
We chose a great spot. T'was Classic though. :)
I'll be posting pictures and VIDEOS about our EK trip soon.

Skull Print Top (UK FLAG) from Energie Jeans
Two-Tone Shorts from OXYGEN CLOTHING 
Black/Blue Watch from OXYGEN CLOTHING 
Black/Black authentics from Vans

 We took this spot because it was cool. and to make it cooler, we had a shoot in 1 spot. 
imagine 4 bloggers shooting their outfit shots back to back. :))
 Blue and Red was the color of the day. :))
 This is what i wore since it was a hot sunny day. perfect for the weather.
 Im on a bad hair day. :))

What do you think? 
Thanks to Paul Chuapoco for taking these awesome pictures.

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  1. Parang si Aisa Ipac yung nahagip ng cam sa first photo? heheh.. EK trips are always fun! ^___^