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Friday, December 21, 2012

Enchanted Kingdom Trip

Going to Enchanted Kingdom with my blogging family will be an unforgettable experience for me since it was our first time to go here with them. Niche and Mich were the plan makers, to start of our adventure, we bought foods and the things we need for EK, so we stopped at PERTON SLEX.

Next on the way to Laguna, we were talking about the rides that we're planning to try. there's this new one called DROP. sadly, we weren't able to try it. because when we got there, the lines were extended. because there were so many people. we realized it was saturday, so we had no choice but to stick on the plan and do whatever. so we tried to be patient, thank god, I BECAME PATIENT WAITING IN LINES. :)) maybe because we have something interesting to talk about? HMMMMM... :))
anyways, i learned a lot about the people whom i should trust from now on. 
Back to my EK story, we first took Space shuttle, which was a really bad idea. :)) we waited in line for an hour and a half. when we got on the ride, 2 mins, exact. that 2 mins that i wanted to kill. that 2 mins i wanted to repeat. that 2 mins and that ride ended. :)) i felt so weak and lost my energy shouting. :))
i remember seeing my face totally awkward on the screen. :)) anyways, 
next ride was realto. REALTO. that time, polar express was the film and i had fun watching it since is was super duper cool, The line there wasn't bad. so we kept on pushing and pushing, Me, KELLY, & DANI danced while waiting in line, we were doing a Rub-ba-daba-ngo Choreography. :))
thank god, they didn't get bored or anything. :) 
Next, we ate at the restaurant you'll find near the space shuttle ride. The food there was awesome, specially the crispy fried chicken, i remember our fried chicken that my yaya used to cook, to bad she's not working here anymore. :( anyways, i love the foods they're serving there. I enjoyed our eating part the most. :))
i dont know why but i was eating everything that time. :)) AISA and ANNA had the most epic meal sharing. :)) The world becomes a happy place to live in when im with them. makes me feel like i can do stupid things and they'll all laugh about it. And that's the best thing about them. Thats why i miss them always.
I dont see them as friends, but i see them as my 2nd family.  the one i know who cares :) 

Last ride, Space shuttle once again. :))
and we were the last group to close the ride. I noticed that the ride became faster. faster like it ended less than a minute and a half. thought we lined up for about 30 mins, me, ana, kelly & dani were the brave riders. :)) after that we had our stories, we had our time to thank Enchanted Kingdom and our sponsors on a video. :)) i dont know if they'll upload it but the videos were really funny. :)) anyways, i hope you enjoy browsing.

Click their names and visit their blogs.

Enchanted Kingdom Trip with my FamiliĆ”.
we started with space shuttle, mayabang kami eh. :)) LOL
Kelly, Paul, Ana, Mich, Dani, Mikyle, Aisa
Taking our outfit shots. :)) GOOD LOCATION.
We ended up riding space shuttle.
Signature pose daw. :))
 kelly, me, dani, anna. space shuttle babies. :))
 i look wasted. :)
 my lovebirds. :)
 as we were invading the souvenir shop.
 i look like skrillex. :))
 Nice photo i got from ANA. :))
 After eating we had our pictorial. :))