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Thursday, December 20, 2012


 Cravemore collaborates with fashion blogger GERD PEREZ for december.
Gerd, personally chose me and Dani Barretto to model for his collection.
This was a great experience for me specially that im not a fan of smiling when i pose. :)
Turns out that the shots were actually great. Seeing our connection with the collection. :)
This collection will show you things about love, inspiring, art, making a trademark, and specially show you what and who you can be.
Modelling for them wasn't that easy. We had to put up our connection with each other. :) without the connection, their will be no chemistry. so how many times did I use the word connection in a sentence?

I hope you guys enjoy the photos, this ones a hard work. 
Thank you Gerd & Christine :)

I hope with this, we could inspire a lot of young people in our generation.
as a part of the Cravemore X Gerd Perez collection,
we proudly present to you AMBER. A collection designed by Gerd Perez.
featuring Me and Dani Barretto. :)

Grab your orders now! :)

 Fun part here was i had to smile naturally. :) it took me a while before i got a good shot. :))

 This was funny, we had to think about random things so we'd laugh and smile :))

 She looks like a vampire here. :)) GOLD EYES

 i tried the "Gerd Perez" pose. Did I do it right? anyone?

 Inspired by the BPI savings Credit Card LOL the commercial you'll get to see before the movie starts :))

 I love this photo. SUPER. only thing is that i can't find my jacket. :))

 SHUTTER. CLICK. SNAP. BOOM. :)) We were playing around to get the idea. :))

This is one heck of a picture. i took this photo on the right. :) This was somehow a dream i saw, i just cant remember when, but i always see this. Cameras can capture anything. if only i can take photos of my dreams. LOL


  1. Galing!!! Omg haha parang pre nuptial ang shoot :) Lovin Gerd's designs for cravemore!! :) x


  2. Eh bakit kinikilig ako while browsing this post! Hahaha i'll definitely order :))