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Friday, December 28, 2012

Spontaneous trip with our readers

Our meet and greet became a bonding that will last in our memories. 
These are the awesome people who inspired us to blog even more.
They made us feel special in many ways. Thoughtful gifts, the solid effort to see us, even bond with us for the whole day. I will definitely remember these guys. :) 

Okay, so me and Dani came to Moonleaf before 11. I was late, but yeah, it was awesome. :)) sorry guys.
when we got there, Karl, Diana, Alia, & Jobby, was there already. So while waiting for our drinks to be served, we we're talking about blogging, how it was and what it was to us. At first I didnt know what to do, what to tell them because it was our first time to do this. but then after telling things to them, we got closer, questions became personal like "ilang months na kayo ni Dani?" and we were like..."-_- uhhh." :))
Thanks to Thyze and Justine for dropping by moonleaf. :) they gave us Moonleaf planners! :D
as we were planning to go to trinoma, Bea and Roxanne arrived late. :)) like 12:30? 
Then we had Mcdonals for lunch. :) while me and Dani ate the best fried chicken from MINISTOP.
Then after, we planned to watch a movie in trinoma, MMFF (SISTERAKA) , but then when we got there, the timeslot we chose were full already so we ended up watching MMFF (SOSY PROBLEMS).
It was so funny. Rhian Ramos, Solenn Heussaff, Bianca King, Heart Evangelista.
After watching the movie, we ended our day with a smile and a memory to remember from 2012. :)
I learned alot with this trip, I realized the things I have to improve to inspire more people and to motivate others. i love the feeling when they adore my blog, in terms of the layout and the topics that I put up. :)
I love the feeling when they adore the style I have. :)
for me, Style is important. You should set your own trend to make a name for yourself.
With the thoughtful things that our readers told us today, life became priceless. :) 

We all made new friends. :) Awesome new year ahead!
Happy new year guys! :)
Thanks for the support that you guys gave us. :)
See you all again next time! :)

This is for ya'll to see our sweetest readers. :)
Karl Cassanova
Diana Junio
Alia Arellano
Bea Valenz
Roxanne Atienza
And Nicole Baclig

i'll upload and steal pictures from these guys soon! :)


  1. Ugghh :'( i feel really bad now

  2. Yes, that was fun!

    I've updated my blog too! :)