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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Experience in Flawless

Flawless SM North Edsa Branch, Thank you so much.
Also to Joel Quizon, Thank you.

Im not a fan of aging or so whatever but to tell you, I just had one of the best treatments in life. I felt my face stretch in a way that I did not expect. LOL I cant wait to share my experience with Flawless t you guys. for those who are scared to have wrinkles, try the treatment I had earlier. It's really awesome. it's called "Easy Peel". :) This is actually recommended for the women who needs to take out their wrinkles and also for men who loves to do activities under the sun. I'll share this experience with my lola and im sure she'll be happy and excited to try it. Anyways, the start of my session was cleaning. (face cleaning) i love the part where they used this gadget (i dont know what it's called) the one that rotates so gentle and so smooth! Man, i wanna have that. then after a face massage, Super relaxing. As in. Her name starts with letter K. I forgot. Anyways, her hands were so smooth. i dont know whats their secret but i assume that all of their hands are smooth, LOL. Then after massaging they cleansed my face and then gave me a steamer. :) It was awesome because they covered my hands with something. and it was relaxing because it was hot and very calming. :) then the cool part here was they gave me a facial mask that covered my eye & mouth, i think it goes around for 10 mins, then after, you'll feel your face so smooth and rejuvinated.  And then, the doctor came in to put some medicine on my face, That's the easy peel. :) They gave me a stem-cell kit and some skin care products that they promote. She told me that I should use sun-block everyday to protect my face from the bad heat that the sun brings. I learned a lot today, Specially on how to take care of my skin. Everyone there was so nice. Specially the 2 beautiful ladies in the front desk who assisted me. I'd like to thank Dra. for giving me awesome products from FLAWLESS. I will go back here for sure. i'd like to try their famous Needle facial! :) My year started out right. Flawless pampered me so well, that I'd like you to try. for the women, You'll love the vibe in flawless, since it's so girly and so Verniece, LOL. And for the guys, There are so many women, you'll love it. :) Too bad I dont have pictures but anyways, to continue, this is one of the best treatments i've ever had. Can't wait to try more treatments there. :) Who's gonna stop you from going if Flawless brings you the outstanding actors and actresses of our generation? So what are you waiting for? Book your schedule now on your favorite malls :) 

Easy Peel

For those looking for a great peeling treatment that does not leave your skin burnt and allows you to go back to your usual tasks fast, the Easy Peel is for you. Using a TCA solution and nourishing cream, Easy Peel works to resurface the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and dark marks and ligthen skin. Perfect for those suffering from oily skin. One session takes about 5 minutes. For best results, doctors recommend that a person undergoes the treatment once each month.

Expected Results

Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces the appearance of dark spots adn other pigmentations including those
caused by acne
Lightens skin
Reduces pores

Visit : www.flawless.com.ph to know more about their services.

Thank you flawless for the Stem-cell kit and many more. :)

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  1. Hi! I'm SELLING my 2 remaining sessions (package) of Easy Peel at Flawless SM North for only 6k (save 1k)! NEGOTIABLE. :) Can't use them anymore because I'm on isotretinoin now. But the results of Easy Peel on me was very good. :) If you're interested, you can send me a PM at https://web.facebook.com/aj.gutierrez.56 or call/txt 09309947157. Thanks! :)