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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dani Pose

My ultimate dani pose. :))
it's just like gangnam style, very fun to do. :))
I find this cool because she truly is an inspiration to teens and also to moms and adults or maybe even senior citizens? There were so many entries and photos about her pose that she really loved. well, as a hater, i never tried dani pose my whole life, but since you guys made her happy with your own Dani pose, i decided to do it myself. :) i tried the awesome Dani pose, and it works, I made her happy. :) 
This pose has been an inspiration to millions and counting, even Harry Styles" is doin the pose LOL
I am super proud of her and this makes it clear to me that she really is one of the best bloggers in our generation. :) through this awesome dani pose blog post. :) 
I <3 You

Style is eternal Dani Barretto Pose for my look :))
 Dani pose at forever 21 with the floral bag kit ( Dani Barretto Inspired) LOL
With the gang @ pizza hut bistro MOA 

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