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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Starting up my year with new perspectives.

Button down, ZARA
Trousers, ZARA
Black Suede Shoes, Milanos
Eyewear, Rayban Polarized

The venue is a parking lot. :) super windy, sorry for my ruined hair in some photos. :)

The start of this year was surprisingly big. :)
This is my first outfit post of the year and I chose blue to represent it.
I met new readers and new good people to work with. 
 Forever 21 at MOA. then we headed straight to Greenbelt and then went home. 
Anyways, I wore this white button down because of the camouflage material. :) 
The color of my trousers gives contrast to the material of my sleeves.
It fits my blue trousers that matches my Suede shoes I got from Milanos.
I like this outfit because it has a statement and very attractive even though it's simple.
If you'll look closely, the shoes is awesome because it has a blue lining that matches my trousers.
And also, my watch from Oxygen has a blue lining that fits my shoes and trousers.
This outfit looks simple and elegant. :)
I super love the shoes i got from Milanos because it's comfortable and affordable. 

Too many things happened on this day but we still ended up laughing. @dani-barretto.blogspot.com

After work, we paid a visit to her family and after we went to Italiani's to eat with my family. 
I missed my cousins so much. twas nice seeing you guys again. :)

I hope you guys for our gangnam style video. :))

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*Before buying a button down, make sure to know your fit. 
It should fit your waist and arms very well to look classy. :)
 Don't just pick something nice, find your fit. :)*

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  1. Pogi pogi! Agree about the button down. You should be fit so the fitting would look good and classy on you :) Night Mikyle :)