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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Date in a week

Our readers asked if we could blog about our date and I said "sure". Usually, when we go out we don't take pictures but since blogging about our date would be fun, we ended up taking pictures everywhere just for you guys to see what we usually do when we go out. :) 
Eat, this is what we usually do.
 we love fridays, chili's, yellowcab, Buffalo's wings and things, mcdonalds, jollibee (burger steak), California Pizza Kitchen, Sizzling pepper steak, conti's, resty's roast beef, anything in mezzanorte, mercato, big chill, starbucks, R.Lapids, cafe france, tapa king, figaro, Vigan longanissa. :)) and so much more. :)

This is what i love about her, we bond with everything. :))

What I love about kyle is that he makes me look forward to tomorrow. Many don't understand what kind of connection Kyle and I have. It's crazy! cause there are times we ask each other, how did we even end up to be together again? Cause when we broke up 5 years ago, we never talked or saw each other again. But 7 months ago, when we saw each other again, we were inseparable. Many hated the fact that we couldn't be separated. But we really never seemed to care. We always found ways to see or talk to each other. I also ask myself why I got so attached. It was only recently where I found out why. He understands me, he listens to my countless rants, he makes me laugh when I'm about to cry, he turns my bad day into a brighter and better one, I actually call him my happy pill. At this point in our lives, after all that we've been through, we're still inseparable. And I can proudly say that I'm at my happiest because of this boy. Not only did I find a boy version of myself, I also found a partner in life.
 I love you, Mikyle. Always have and always will. :) 
- Dan 

Our date here in Chili's Greenhills was awesome. We tried the awesome bacon burger that was really worth dying for. :)) it's always like this when we're together. Food's our bestfriend. :)

After Chili's we watched Life of PI and to tell you, we find it awesome but boring in the end. sorry for those who loved the movie. :) it was cool though. You'll learn so much lessons with this movie. :)

Resty's. Vigan longanissa. no more room for cebu lechon. :))
we went here to reunite with toff, mark, miko. :) and others. :)
we ate lot and lots of foods. :)) 

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