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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Swedish House Mafia : One Last Tour

Concert with my favorite peeps. 
Dani, david, miko, criselle, steph, & kurt.
Swedish house mafia concert happened in MOA Arena, thanks to SM for this event.
Can't wait for more awesome events this 2013. :D

So our day stated with Yabu, we ate dinner at yabu while waiting for our friends, I had a special chicken katsu and Dani had Rosukatsu. Guess what? The awesome Branch Manager of Yabu, Gave me a complimentary soup. :) Yabu made us feel great and gave us an awesome vibe. after 30 mins, they all came along and had dinner with us, and this is really cool because it's Dani's first time to meet my best friends, CRISELLE & STEPH. :) After dinner, we talked about our lives. :)) and some stuff. :)

Dani Barretto, thanks for making this night memorable for me. thanks for keeping me smiling everytime we're together. There's not much to say but I know you know how much i love you.
thanks for giving me the reason to wake up happy everyday with no problems on my mind.
I am not the best, im not perfect and still you accepted me with all your guts. 
i love you for the most simplest things. We've made wrong decisions before and it only made us stronger. sorry for all the miserable moments i've given you. i've been better with you, all along i thought i'd be stuck forever in hell but no, thanks for pulling me up and making my life a better place to live in, you totally changed how i viewed life. you're god's gift mayne. #LOLLER

Before going to MOA Arena, we had few drinks to heat up the night. LOL
we had margarita, i think? it was awesome. :) LOL
We headed straight to MOA Arena afterwards. :)
we started the party with ABSOLUTE VODKA X REDBULL to hype up the Waiting part. :))
My face looks like im riding Space shuttle. :))
Picture GRABBED from Miko Steph :)

This photo's from my instagram! follow me @mikylequizon
After the concert. :) We look so normal. :)
(my legs are so weak after the concert. i never stopped dancing inside. swedish house mafia. is the best.)
Outside the venue was a big wall of Absolut Greyhound. LOL ofcourse we wanted this. :))
Funny. feels like we're on the beach. #LOLLER
Dani pose & mikyle pose. :))
This is super awesome. :) Made swedish house mafia even cooler. :)

Watch the videos and get ready to rave!
Swedish house mafia, you guys made history. :)

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