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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Under The Sun

Going back to 1940's, when everything was old fashioned. :)
it's a trend that never died. 

Grey Slim Cut suit, Zara
White/Camouflage Button Down, Zara

The way you dress up determines how you will be treated. 
Let's talk about wearing suit. 
1. Choose the right fit for your body. If your slim, go for the Slim cut. This is my choice.
2. The best suits you could wear on various occasions are the classic one, it's either black, blue, gray, white or anything basic. But if you're required to wear fashionable suits, go for printed one. :)
3. Remember to give a contrast on your outfit? Like wear a black suit with white button down. or blue suit with a red button down. Chuck Bass can pull of everything. He's a perfect example for this. 
4. Pair you suit with Oxfords Shoes, Brogue Shoes, Wingtip Shoes, Dress Boots to create an edge in your look.
5. Smell Good on special occasions, Wear a decent perfume on a right occasion. I recommend Ralph Lauren For men or Lacoste For men.
6. Wear a watch. Go for the simple one. :)
7. If you're gonna wear a bow tie or a tie, black will always be the safest. 
you'll always look classy wearing black.
8. Dress to impress, remember that the way you dress up defines who you are and what you are. :) Give them a striking impression. like, gwapo, hot, or whatever. LOL
Remember that the first impression, lasts forever. 

This is perfect for those who will have their prom. :) 
You don't have to buy expensive suits from different designers, cause you just have to find the right fit for your body type. :) 

REMEMBER: Im sure all the guys right there have their own pair of suits. if you guys are planning to attend  a special occasion don't be pressured to buy a new one , cause you can always use the old one. Just pair it with a new set of polos, shirts, neck tie and spice up your suit with a different style. You always have it altered if you're not satisfied with the fit of your suit. 

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