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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Grey Fedora, TOPMAN LTD
Wayferer, RayBan Polarized
Printed Button Down, Folded & Hung
Watch, Veloci (Available at L-Timestudio)

This look gives me the impression that I must have a getaway with Dani Barretto this Valentine's day. 
We have lots of surprises in store for you guys this valentine's. so watch out! :D
I love this look because it has an opinion. The colors are only playing with Black, White and Grey.
They say, Black makes you whiter and White makes you look darker, it's true. 
But since it's both neutral colors, it matches everything with my style.
 For me, Sunglasses are the most important accessory in a guy's outfit. Maybe because, The right sunglasses can make your look even more striking. 
If you wear a simple crew neck shirt, Skinny jeans, and converse with a Rayban Aviator sunglasses, girls might definitely like the simplicity of your style. :) Im referring to the style of Zac Efron. :)
I love wearing sunglasses, and i've been using Rayban ever since. :) 
At midnight, I use clear frame glasses that would even hype up my outfit.
I am a guy who loves to wear frames, because it gives me confidence. LOLLER
I know it's weird :)) I love glasses, and for me it defines style.
I love Black and White. I wear simple clothes and simple style. :)

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