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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Important part of every outfit are the watches. It defines what you are. :)
For example, George Clooney. This guy is my style icon. Why? He wears everything with class. 
He puts on a basic white tee shirt and then pairs it with a classy watch and there he goes, "Man of the hour".
What I learned about him is that you should carry yourself with whatever you wear. but also, never forget the basics of looking good. Don't wear something that doesn't represent who you are. Because if the trend doesn't fit you and you keep on wearing it, dude, you'll end up with a costume rather than a great outfit. :) Like Lady Gaga. Her Dresses are like costumes but since she can pull it off like no one can, it became her style and sense of fashion. 
Every style of watches we wear represents us, so be sure to pick the one that fits you. :)
Consider your watch as the mirror to your looks. If your watch looks good on you, you'll always be good to go! Check out my watches!
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Watches from G-shock, Veloci, SM ACCESSORIES, HK.

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