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Monday, July 1, 2013

Rayban Wayfarer Giveaway

NEVER HIDE with this giveaway! 
I love to wear glasses, and to be specific, I love wearing RayBan ever since. The icon that really fits my face is Wayfarer, it's classic and classy. I can use it on my everyday adventures like going to school, attending events (casual or formal) I just love it. As you can see, all of my outfit posts includes RayBan in it. i don't know, it just makes me more comfortable and maybe because i am used to it. :)) I don't know but it makes me look cooler? I guess. In my own personal views. ha ha What about you, what do you think about RayBan? What makes you love RayBan?
 Since I always wear this kind of glasses, i'd love to giveaway this pair as a gift, Since it's my birthday this July! 
This is my first giveaway of the month! :)
Happy birthday to me!

Step 1: Follow me on TWITTER @mikylequizon
also, like my Page on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mikyle-Quizon

Step 2 : Answer this
"What makes you love RayBan?"

Step 3 : Submit your ANSWER VIA TWITTER or FACEBOOK. remember to tag me and hash tag #NeverHide

"Twitter EX: Rayban makes me feel comfortable @mikylequizon"
"Facebook EX: RayBan makes me feel comfortable."

Giveaway will be only running for only 7 days! So JOIN NOW!
I will announcing my winner on JULY, 10. 
Submit your entries now!

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