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Sunday, June 9, 2013

My instax photos

 This is my FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 8, and these are my photos. One of the best things abut this camera is that it is very easy to use. No hassle, you just have to turn it on and then take photos and get your picture within a minute. Also, it's not about the photos you take, it's about the memories you capture. This is very useful to us because as photo addicts, we can stick every photos we take in my wall. Like what you will see on the photos below. :) Enjoy!
 Dani's surprise photo for me. When I opened my laptop, there was a photo with a note. Sweet. 
 I took this photo of her when we were looking for a wine.
 This is a shot of us 3. Loving how instax blends the color and exposure of every pictures. 
 We tried the TUMBLR looking photo. LOL
We were so addicted to instax that we used 10 films in 2 hours. :)) 
Get yours now! :)

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  1. Love how you insert the film into the canister! Can you do a tutorial for that? My films dont fit!