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Friday, July 12, 2013

Giveaway Winners!

Since it was my birthday week, I had no time to send them the items that they got from my giveaway.
I mailed them right away after my birthday week, asking them if it's okay if they meet up with me to get their prices. Luckily, they wanted that idea. I gave them their prices personally, thanking them for their PATIENCE that sometimes I cannot answer their text, email, and tweets. Thank God, they were too understanding. 

This is John Rodney Flores
He won my Y.O.T. Watch giveaway. He came from Las Pinas just to see us. 
I told him that his blogpost about Y.O.T. is the most creative among all the entries. 

And this awesome guy, won my GAOC Dental Giveaway.
He is Cedric VĂ¡ngarduia. (wearing blue shirt)
This dude right here is a man who knows how to respect other people. 
and also be patient about things, He is forever understanding.
and I salute you for that, Cedric. :)
Advance Happy Birthday! (Fellow July Celebrant)
I also gave him a watch from SM ACCESSORIES. :)
The one I posted yesterday on INSTAGRAM.
Follow me and check it out @mikylequizon

These winners right here deserved what they got.
Thank you for joining my giveaways! :)
John and Ced.

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