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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Top 10 things I bring

Top 10 Things I bring when I travel

As a style/fashion blogger, it's important for us to take outfit shots on places that we visit. 
That's why when I travel, I require myself to pack things that will be essential. Because before
I used to bring things that's very unimportant. Like ps3 on my travel bag, bottles of coke on my bag,
to sum it all up, I used to bring my whole closet with me and that's really frustrating because not only
that it's a hassle for me but also useless.
Since, I learned how to pack right, I'll be sharing with you guys 
My top 10 essential things I bring every time I travel. 
Enjoy! :)

Im a big fan of bags, but when it comes to quality and style only Herschel Supply & Co. is my top choice.
I bought this travel bag for 3,990php. Go to BRATPACK store and check out Herschel's bags.

My bag isn't beside me when I travel, And to be honest I hate it when they put things on the top of my bag. because when i open my bag some things gets destroyed. Like magazines that I bring, my watches, they get scratched. So when I got this Superdry watch, that is also almost 4k, it comes with a case that protects my watch when I dont use it. So when I travel, I dont have to worry about my watches :)  
This is my everyday watch, I love it because it's unique and simple. I got this from SM ACCESSORIES, oh btw, SM ACCESSORIES is on SALE right now, so go to SM DEPT. Stores! check out the watches they have in store for you guys! :) anyways, This watch doesn't only go with men. Even my girlfriend Dani, wears it sometimes. :)

The most essential part of my bag. My Hygiene travel case. Dani bought this for me. she got it from SM ACCESSORIES also. It's very useful. very light and not hassle to bring. Okay, so when I travel, as much as possible, I try not to play with the sun. Because I dont want to get dark. that's why when i have to take outfit shots in the sun, which is really ideal for a shoot, I use my NIVEA Cooling mist SPF 50.
it's not greasy and looks oily when you apply it to your face, and that makes it really good and useful to me.
and ofcourse, my PHYSIOGEL bottles. (Lotion & Cleanser) Using Physiogel has been my daily routine. and it has helped my skin to be more healthy.
Shampoo and soap, toothbrush, blades, shaving foam, are also there on my hygiene case.

 Smelling good at all times is a must for anyone. Not only that it makes you more hygienic but also it makes you more attractive. I've used YSL, Ralph Lauren, Clinique, Diesel, Hugo Boss, And now im using this scent from Salvatore Ferragamo. It's my mom's gift and she said that this scent reminds her of me. 
and so far this is what I always use. :)

I pack my sleepwear, swimwear, sportswear, on different tote bags or laundry bags just to be organized. and its easier for me because I don't have to ruin my clothes inside my bag looking for the top that I paired with my pajama or so whatever. I love to plan my outfit. ALSO, I always bring clothes for my outfit shots. EXTRA CLOTHES. Since im already on a location full of trees, why not spend it for an outfit shoot? 

Top picture, Rayban Aviators.
Middle picture, Rayban Wayfarer.
Bottom Picture, Frame from YAWYW
Glasses, Shades, Eyewear, Whatever you call it, It is important to me. I never lasted a day without wearing
a Rayban. or a clear framed glasses. These glasses has been a part of my daily outfit. it's like the underwear of my eyes. You want proof? Check out my INSTAGRAM (@mikylequizon)
Maybe because, it makes me look more stylish? Maybe it hides my eyebags? maybe it makes my personality more hidden or whatever? i dont know. I just love to wear glasses. :)
If you know me well, you'd simply know my style.

 When I travel, I wear sperry. because it's really comfortable and matches with anything I wear that makes it more convenient for me. it's designed to get wet so it's not really a problem for me when we go out and check the beach or swimming pools around the area.
This has been my favorite pair of Havaianas that I got from MYOH2013.
it's very comfortable and i love wearing it because of the color. and the alien pin. lol

When traveling or going to places that I haven't been before, I usually take photos of what i've experienced through my Instax Mini8. I love how it captures every photos. because like what I said, it's the real life Instagram. and to make it more fun, I always bring Extra films. I hope soon, I can giveaway an Instax for you guys! :) 

I get bored easily that's why I always bring this with me. It's my bestfriend when I am bored.
This ipad is very useful to me also because i can store pictures here from my computer that i can upload straight into my instagram account. Also, When im not with Dani, we communicate through Skype and Viber. I get sad when I miss her that's why communication is important. haha
Also, I sketch the things I design on this Ipad. it's pretty much the most essential part on my travel bag. :)

Without this, there will be no updates on my blog. haha
When travelling, you have to have this. I love capturing moments that i rarely get like, me with my highschool friends, me with my family and we're all smiling all that types of drama, thats why for me camera's are really important. cause not only tha i get to blog it but you can also make memories out of it. :) that's why this is the most essential thing for me when I travel. :)

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