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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bomber Jacket

We went to the event of Carreon's company. :)
The photos were taken by Miko Carreon at The Crowne Plaza Hotel.
The goal was to wear a suit but since I forgot to bring one, thanks to my jacket for saving the day!
If you dont want to wear a blazer, black jackets can do the work for you!

Button Down Shirt, TOPMAN
Pants, ZARA
Jacket, FOREVER 21

Watch, TIMEX

 Since it's a formal event, I wore black & white to look classy. I paired my button down with this black leather bomber jacket that I got from Forever 21.
 It doesnt look bad, it actually looks sleek and stylish. I decided not to wear a tie since my pants are folded. 
It's doesnt look good if you have a tie on when your pants are folded.
 With this bomber jacket, you can zip it up or let it lose and still look good. :) 
 But since i want to look stylish, i prefer zipping it. :)
 This is a sleek watch from Timex given to me by Paul Chuapoco as a Birthday gift. And it really matches my style on this look.
The Wingtip that I got from TOPMAN. I love these shoes, it's flexible in a way that I can use this everywhere.

I hope you learned things


  1. Did you get the leather jacket from the Men's section of Forever 21?

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  3. nice details on the jeans! looks great with the leather jacket!
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