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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Since it's Sunday, I wanna look clean and formal. but in a very simple way.
So I ended up wearing this. It's a simple Sunday for me, but ofcourse I wanted to look classy.
Sunday is the relaxing day of the week, you don't have to think about anything else.
So read more to get some advice about how to look clean on a sunday with out giving you any hassle. :)

Photographed by Dani Barretto 

Blue Button Down, LACOSTE
Washed Effect Denim, ZARA
Brown vintage loafers, BALLY 

Wayfarer, RAYBAN

 It's perfect to wear short sleeve button down. You'll look extra clean and innocent. LOL 
I prefer the shirts they have in Lacoste. The slim fit is perfect for my body type. it looks sleek on my body. :) 
try them out! :)
 I wore my favorite loafers since we're going to have dinner somewhere. This is a Vintage Bally Loafers. If anyone knows where I can get a repair creme please tell me, :) @mikylequizon
 When I wear a button down, Long/short sleeve, I always loosen up. I leave my chest part unbuttoned. It looks more elegant and fancy. Specially when it's a chill day. 

 COCOL Mode. :)) 

 This watch is from Paul Chuapoco :) 
i love this bracelet. it's perfect for my loafers :)

I hope i've helped you all today! :) have a good sunday! :)


  1. hi i just want to know where is this resto located?thanks :) nice outfit by the way..