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Friday, September 6, 2013


I am proud to announce that I am the official face of Cinderella For Men.
If you want the BTS photos, check out my previous post : The BTS photos of Cinderella For Men Shoot.

This is the official photos of Cinderella For Men.

I am proud to announce that I am the face of Cinderella For Men.
I can't put into words how happy I am about this but this is a big step for me. 
Also, I am thankful to Cinderella for giving me the privilege to work with them.

This is my Official Blogpost for the Campaign! I hope you enjoy this one! :)

Friday is the best day of the week. It's the last day of working, studying, or whatever.
It's the day where everyone goes out to have fun, and of course, show off their styles and trends.
And what I love about friday is that things can be a little bit unplanned. that's why on friday nights,
I really pick the outfit that is and can be flexible in terms of the places we go into.
Like last week, after watching a movie with friends, we ended up going to a club, and then to a restaurant after. And this is what I wore on that friday. :) 


Long-sleeves, round-neck stripes tee with Brown Patches, (Pierre Cardin)
Black Slim Fit Trousers, (Pierre Cardin)
Glenmore Limit Smart shoes with classic, tailored look in smooth black leather, (Clarks)

To know more about the prices and see more clothes follow them now on 
FB : f Cinderella https://www.facebook.com/mycinderella.ph?fref=ts 
,IG: Cinderellaphil Twitter: @cinderella_ph 

 I just love how this shirt fits me perfectly, I am wearing size SMALL. When it comes to long sleeve shirts, I want it fit, because I look buff in it. Also, the illusion of the stripes makes me look somehow bigger. If your body type is like mine, I prefer you wear long sleeve shirts, specially on a friday! :) 

 The Slim fit trousers that I am wearing here feels totally amazing. It is stretchable and easy to wear. Also, when you sit down it doesn't crumple. That's the kind of pants I wear. Btw, I love skinny or slim fit pants, it's the appopriate fit for me, so if you are tall and thin, go for the slim fit. It will make you look more taller. :)

 The shoes are the most essential part of every outfit. I believe that your shoes defines what and who you are as a person. This is a Wingtip Brogues form CLARKS that I wore. I advise everyone to get shoes from Clarks, not only that it's stylish but it's very very very very comfortable. Now, it's more comfortable walking. Clarks" trademark is I think the comfort that they give. And that's the best that you can get in the market!

This outfit is very flexible. I can walk around the mall and just feel casual, and when we went to a club/lounge I didn't have problems with changing, Just wore a leather jacket and survived. :)
On a friday night, things can really turn the way you didn't expect it to be, so always wear something flexible when you're in a situation like this! :)

Visit my blog later for more detais about my FASHION TALK and how to get free passes for you and your friends! :)

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