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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This is what i wore for NuffNang : Blogopolis Shoot
The theme was to be colorful, so I did. I wore something that would contrast every color that I have in my outfit. Red vs. Blue, this was my pick. Even if it was colorful, of course my signature color was still a part of it. Black Vest, it's like the cover of my book. I feel better with this on. :) It made my look more interesting. If you'll notice, in every outfits I wear, I always try to make it somehow edgy. putting something striking in the end. maybe that's the style that i am really comfortable with.  but anyways, i'll share the BTS photos of the shoot soon! :) It's sill with our awesome photographer Patrick Sison, btw he took my outfit shots on this one.

Polka Dot Tee (oversized) , TOPMAN
Washed Effect Denim , ZARA
Christian (shoes) , GUESS
Wayfarer (eyewear), RAYBAN

What do you think about this outfit? 
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 I got this shirt in TOPMAN for sale. It's my first time to use this shirt! I feel like oversized shirts fits me well. 
As much as possible, i always try to change my style in every way so I wouldn't be boring. :)

 The vest ferfectly fits this outfit because of the shoes I am wearing. I love this look. BUT..... if it's hot, make sure that you dont stay under the sun. I guarantee that you'll burn.

 The secret on every outfit to look good is that you have to have the right attitude. like let's say if you're wearing this, you have to keep the courage level high or maybe walk with attitude. or if you're wearing a suit, you have to walk with poise. Like Chuck Bass levels. LOL

 I prefer street shots. :) natural lights are better than spotlights.

 This superdry watch fit's all my outfits. you should get one! :)
FACT : all my watches are black. (just sharing) :)

Since the sole of this shoes is red, I wore the red socks i have to make it look cool. Well, it looks good so its cool! :) RED ON RED. :) 

I hope you learned something from this post! for updattes about the BTS Photos of this shoot, follow me on twitter and IG! @mikylequizon

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