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Monday, September 2, 2013

Shift : Mix & Match your clothes

Sometimes, in a day we tend to have 2 or 3 events. Some are formal and some are casual. 
So basically, if that's the case, you tend to bring extra outfits that would match the event to look appropriate right? But let me tell you that you have to save clothes specially that water expenses could be very expensive.
So i'll teach you this trick called MIX & MATCH.
if you are familiar with this then good, but if you don't, you have to learn! :)
First step : You must have the basic foundation of a wardrobe and that's called the basics.
You must have Plain Tee Shirts, Polo (short/long sleeves) Ranging to the colors you are comfortable with.
Second Step : To cover up the basics, you must accessorize it.
With Basic Cardigan/Jacket/Blazers. but then if you're in for a thrill, go with something printed. (but i advise basic.) Basic matches all events. from rugged to formal.
Third Step : Dig in with a clean look.

So here in my post, you'll see 3 looks in 1 outfit. I wore this on the day that I attended 3 events.
1st, Classes. 2nd, Work. 3rd, Boys Night Out.

V-Neck Top, TOPMAN
Plaid Shirt, H&M
Bomber Jacket, Forever 21
Jeans, ZARA
Shoes, GUESS

I wore this for school. I showed off the White shirt to make my look more casual.
Going to school that has no uniform can kill you, i swear. :)) specially if you ran out of clothes. :))
Like what Dani always says, "Simplicity is beauty".
So don't hesitate to repeat clothes. you just have to learn how to mix and match!

 Next, on this look, I headed towards an event. and of course I didn't want to look lame, so I closed all the buttons in my shirt to look decent and appropriate for the event.
You can remove the cap and roll up your sleeves if you desire to look more formal. 
See how I shifted from casual into formal? 

 I usually attend our events wearing Button down shirt, it makes me look more professional. Well, I believe it's somehow true. LOL Don't judge.

 On my next look, 3rd event. 
Since that was a boys night out, I wanted to look cool.
So what I did, I took of the plaid short and wrapped it around my sleeves. 
And of course with this, I wore this cool cap! 
Now I look appropriate for a night out. 
You have to look good, specially on gimmick days. 

 Since I went to different kinds of event on this day, I chose to wear a watch that would fit all my outfits.
I got this watch from SM ACCESSORIES. I got it for a very cheap price! So visit SM ACCESSORIES on your nearest SM dept. stores now!

I got this adorable shoes from GUESS. I am kinda into red soles right now. Since my style is Black & White, at least their is a little bit of red.

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