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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Holiday Inn #MakatiStaycation

I spent my night in this lovely Holiday Inn Hotel with my closest friends. Holiday Inn is a 5 Star Hotel in Makati, beside Glorietta 5. They have a really good buffet (which you'll see in my instagram) and really friendly people. Holiday Inn's amenities include the Spa, gym, and pools. you'll really have a great time in this hotel. I will surely comeback here and spend another night with my friends. 

So here's what happened. I checked in my room around 2pm. and then waited for Dani to check in her room. So I took a bath first. and then while waiting, I fell asleep. Thanks to that bed. I wanted to take that bed home with me but sadly it was too big. but anyways, I covered the windows with the curtains cause i wanted to feel like it's night already. but then someone knocked on my door asking if i wanted to order some food. so i did. Thanks to Holiday Inn for Thinking about me. :))

before the night started, we went to glorietta to check out the movies but then we didnt watch any. So we went back to the hotel to drink, and talk and talk and talk and talk. :)

here a some of the pictures that made it to our laughing list. :)) Thanks to Hezzy for taking our pictures. Photos owned by Miko Carreon.

Have fun! :)

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