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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lights Out

After 2 weeks (i think) of not updating my blog, finally, I got my laptop back! I had it checked cause a virus ate all of my files. Files that are really important, though i didn't recover everything, atleast half of my files are back. :) I hate you VIRUS. anyways, This is my outfit post taken by Patrick Almera. 

What I love about this outfit shot is that i find it very artsy. It's very dreamy. Thank you Peej! 

Black/Yellow Shirt, ENERGIE JEANS
Black Slim fit pants, ZARA
Black Boots, ZARA

Red Socks, TOPMAN
Bag, Herschel Supply 
Cap, Brixton
Rayban, (@raybancollector) Paul Chuapoco's Glasses

 Black is the color I use to be colorful. This was the outfit I wore going to BU6 shoot at CCP.
I used my Black ENERGIE JEANS Tee. I wanted to wear a comfortable shirt, and this one's a good pick. :)

 This is my favorite Herschel Supply Co Little America Bag.

 To make my outfit interesting, I wore a red socks that will highlight my boots.
 My Bench Watch. It's slim. sleek. and flexible.
This is the case I designed myself. if you want to design your own case, go to Digitalism.ph Click on "Design Your Own Case" service. :)


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  2. nice outfit!!!
    simple yet artistic!!!