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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Holiday Season

The Holiday Season has begun and im so excited to wear something really flashy. Since it was raining (a bit) this morning, I decided to wear a sweater. I wanted to look stylish and of course simple. I want my outfits to fit this season, not go beyond or over the season. So what are your Christmas ideas? any Holiday outfit ideas? Share it. Tweet me. or show me Via Instagram!
The photos were taken by Miko Carreon.

White Tee, TOPMAN
Grey Slim Sweater, FOREVER21
Black Jacket, Folded & Hung
Black Trousers, ZARA
Shoes, Jordan (sneakers)

Black Chain, DAMIER
Eyewear, RAYBAN (@raybancollector)

I love how the sweater fits my body. It's not too slim, not too loose, not hanging, just relaxed and steady. I bought this because it's too comfortable for my life. (Sweater, FOREVER 21)
 With the good spot for taking photos like these, make sure to always bring your Fujifilm Instax Camera with you.
After the outfit shot, We took photos that will give us new memories to keep.
 I wore a black chain (DAMIER) to make my outfit look more interesting. plus, it looks more edgy with the tied up jacket around my waist (Folded and Hung)

Try out new things before Christmas! Get that trendy vibe!

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