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Saturday, November 2, 2013


I am a month early for Christman don't you think? haha 
This is a REPOST. Shot by David Guison.
I got that Christmas Vibe already and im excited to celebrate with my family! :)
There's so many trends I've been seeing in lookbook.nu and since I cannot wear a trench coat here in our country, I decided to wear something that will fit the Holiday season! :)
You can wear it to and become stylish for the Holiday Season.
Shop now while everything is still on sale!

Red Plaid Shirt, GIORDANO
White Plaid Shirt, GIORDANO
Shoes, Jordan
Cardigan, Forever 21

Eyewear, RAYBAN (@Raybancollector)

 Shirt on a Shirt Situation.
I followed A$VP ROCKY'S trend. I like it because it's edgy, it doesnt look bad at all.
 For some, maybe it feels weird but to tell you, it's just like wearing a jacket. so make sure not to wear white on white shirt. that I think is a bit off. :) 
 Wrapped a Cardigan around my wait to make that skirt effect that will match the outfit.
 I wore sneakers to make my outfit look different.
 Red sole.
 SM ACCESSORIES, they always surprise me with their new set of watches that come every season. 
This is the personalized case I made.
if you want to design your own case, go to Digitalism.ph Click on "Design Your Own Case" service. :)

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