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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pit Senyor!

This is my post about my Sinulog Experience in Cebu! To start with my story, I'd like to thank @SMARTcares for the wonderful SINULOG Experience! :) Check out the photos. Too bad we don't have any outfit shots, it was too fun that we didn't bring our cameras. 

 Check out Dani's face in this photo. She was having fun! :) HAHA In Cebu, Maybe this is the best place to go to on your first day. Place called "Skywalk Extreme".
 After going to skywalk, we decided to eat Lechon, but unfortunately... the restaurant we went to has no more lechons left. :| but it's okay. :) 
 on our second night, we went to Barcode for the smart event. It was fun, really fun! A lot of people were in the streets dancing and covered in paint (some). A lot of beer showers and all that. Super fun!
 Before going to barcode, we had dinner with our SMART Family. :) 
 On our 3rd day, we woke up early to go and join the Float Parade! :) It was super fun! We saw some of our readers from Cebu and Manila. By the way, we'd like to thank all of our readers who went there just to see us at the parade. Seeing our readers was priceless. 
 Alyssa, Me, Vern, Verniece, Lance. 
 While we're on our way to our float! :)) (Tourist photo) HAHA
 At the middle part of the parade, we went inside the mini room of Smart because it began to rain. and since were doing nothing, we just took pictures. :) 

 Me, Lance, Vern, Alyssa, Dani, Verniece, Kim, Tobe. A big thanks to Kim & Tobe for being there with us the whole time and not leaving us! I miss you guys! hang soon please :)
 After the parade, we went to rest for a while before going to baseline. :)
 Check out our shoes after the parade. haha! 
 So this is SPECTRUM SINULOG INVASION brought to you by SMART in baseline! 
 It was my first time going to Cebu! And I had so much fun, we met new people who were also from manila and some were locals. All the people were friendly and really nice. We had so much fun raving with the songs of Quintino and the other featured DJs.
 This is the last photo of our night. :) 
This photo reminds me of my ASAP cap. I lost it in cebu while we were in the rooftop of "Skywalk Extreme" :( but it;s okay. haha 

Thank you Cebu for the Lechon, the cool weather, the endless fun, and ofcourse the great experience!
Thank you again SMARTcares for taking care of us while we were sleeping, partying, exploring and eating lots of food!


I hope you enjoyed reading this wonderful post! Too bad there's no outfit posts. :| 

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