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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This is my special throwback. Shot at Ortigas 2010.
Back when i didn't have a blog yet. back when all i had was my lookbook.nu. back when my trend was colorful. back when I was trying every style that I could ever think of. 
Define and own a style/trend. 

Plaid Shirt, GAP
Tanktop, TOPMAN
Denim Shorts, Stylist's Own
Brown Shoes, Stylist's Own

Clear Frame, FOLDED & HUNG
Scarf, Stylist's Own.

This is one of my favorite shots. This is taken by Danica Condez. :)

 Scene # 1. When color was a part of my outfits. :)

Back when all I care about was to update my lookbook. Before, I'd wear anything, old shirts, old pants just to update my lookbook, but things has changed now.

For me, The weirder your style is the more hypes you get. so keep on experimenting until you end up with your own style.

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