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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lets talk about Dating. :)

I want to share my experience with dating women, and with that maybe I can help you survive your future dates. I want to share with you some tips on how to avoid making a wrong move during your date. 

Back when I was 12, I did not know what dating was all about. All I know is that you ask someone to be your girlfriend and if she says yes then that's it. :)) I remember my first date, it was a mess, I didn't know what to say when i saw her, it felt really awkward. First, meeting in person is way different than chatting in YM (Yahoo! Messenger). Second, don’t expect. Dating is not like the ones you see in the movies. Third, I didn’t know what I was doing. I remember that the first thing I asked her is "What time are you going home?" Hahaha I was shaking he whole time, I was too shy to talk but then maybe it's normal to feel that way as a kid... I grew up with Boy 2 Quizon, He's my uncle but I look up to him as my kuya and my mentor. I saw his "game" on dating women, and that's where I got my idea of dating. What do I mean by "game"? It's how you talk to women, how you carry yourself in a conversation, your choice of words, choice of topic and how you and the girl get a long quickly. I think having a connection with someone is the most important ingredient in any relationship. Meaning, it's nice to know that you have someone who you can talk to for hours and would understand you and won't judge you. If you found that kind of person, that means you found yourself a keeper. If you haven't found that person, here are some tips to get you by during your date. 

This is what you should wear on your date. Dress up nicely and be more confident.

What I am wearing :
1. Long Sleeve shirt, Why? Shirts with collar makes you look clean and neat. I picked light blue to make my look even more elegant. Pick colors that will match your skin tone. 
2. Slim Fit Trousers, Why? Not everyone looks good on Slim Fit Pants, That's why it's important for you to know your cut. I chose Slim Fit to look Lean and tall. I don't suggest you wear baggy pants if you're thin like me. it'll make you smaller. 
3. Don't wear Sandals or basketball shoes on a date. Make her feel that you're taking her seriously so I suggest you wear a pair of Brouge shoes or Derbys.
What I am wearing here is a Brown Monk Strap Leather.
4. Don't forget to wear a watch that will match your outfit, to be safe, wear a black watch. 

The things you also have to remember! :)

1. Dress Nice. Show your date that you made an effort to look nice for her. 
2. Don't talk to your date about your past relationships. THAT'S A BIG NO. 
3. Don't be too serious during a conversation, throw a joke or something. Don't be boring. 
4. Don't talk when your mouth is full. Manners is always important. 
5. Don't scare your date away by telling her that on your next date you'll be introducing her to your parents. Take things slow. 
6. No kissing on the lips on the first date. Show the girl that you respect her. 
7. If the girl has a curfew, take her home on the said time. Bonus points for the parents! 
8. After your date, send her a text message saying that you had fun and you want to see her again. (ONLY IF YOU REALLY HAD FUN AND WANT TO SEE HER AGAIN.) 

Remember that one of the sweetest things you can do for someone is cook for that person, surprise him/her with your cooking skills! I personally want to share you some of the things I do when I surprise my girlfriend.

To be honest, going out is really stressful, You have to make reservations, fight the traffic or even more, that is why  I like cooking and for me that's a sweet thing to do for someone because your putting effort to make that person smile. That's why for me Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu is the perfect meal to make our date night complete! Cooking this is really easy, NO hassle, NO stress, more time for you to prepare! There are two kinds of Top Torikatsu, there's the Classic and the Cheese and Chives. If you want to eat it with rice, pesto, or bread, you can buy the Cheese and Chives, But if you are planning to eat it with Spaghetti Marinara, Tomato and garlic pasta, or any chicken recipe, I suggest you buy the Original. I've tried both and it's the best home made Chicken katsu I have tried.

 I tried cooking the Top Torikatsu Classic together with the garlic pasta and it was really good. There are so many recipes you can make with this Chicken Torikatsu! Now, every date night will be more fun with less hassle. Just take out the Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu out of your fridge, cook it, and celebrate. Being thoughtful is the sweetest. So good luck! :)


  1. Hi! i just want to let you know that im not a fan of blogging ,but seriously,since the minute i came across your blogs,(which is by the way by snooping into dani baretto's instagram) i got hooked..im your biggest fan,next to dani i guess.anyway both of you rocks!! im not a fashion fan also,but i love how you deliver your blogs..keep it coming..and my comment now is too long..good luck to both of you..and looking forward to more blogs..

  2. Love that look! So gwapo naman. Hi, I'm a fan of your looks! hehe. :D